Uploading Photos

Why can’t I upload multiple images at the same time?

Currently you can only upload one photo at a time, we are hoping to allow you to upload multiple photos at the same time in the future. For now, take your time and enjoy the process. We consider each of your photos to be a piece of work – it deserves the attention to detail […]

What’s the difference between daily uploads, and STF submissions?

Daily Uploads refers to the amount of photo a member can upload to the STF community on a daily basis. Basic members have a daily upload limit of 3 photos, meaning they can only upload 3 photos to the STF community everyday. Pro and Premium members are able to upload an unlimited amount of photos […]

Can I upload as many photos as I like?

Basic (Free) members can upload 3 photos per day. Pro and Premium members can upload an unlimited amount photos, although we encourage everyone to share only their best work to keep the community clean and beautiful.

Uploading a photo

Uploading a photo to the Shoot The Frame community requires a few steps. Firstly, the photo needs to meet the file type and size requirements. Secondly, you need to ensure you have at least 1 daily upload available. If both of these are you are off and away. You will be asked to add details […]