STF Critiques

How do I invite someone to critique one of my photos?

You can invite someone to critique one of you photos by copying the Invite Critique link and sharing it on social media or pasting the link wherever you like. To see the Invite Critique link, click the Invite Critique button from the Upload Complete screen, or from the large view popup of your photos, or […]

What is the STF Collective Score?

The Collective Score of a photo is an algorithm based on all the critiques a photo has received from members of Shoot The Frame. There are 10 criteria for which a photo can be critiqued, each with a maximum score of 100. The maximum Collective Score a photo can receive is also 100.

What is the STF Master Collective Score?

The Master Collective Score is an algorithm based on all of the critiques a Shoot The Frame member has received for all of their photos within the platform. The maximum Master Collective Score a member can receive is 100.

Why can’t I critique my own photo?

We have designed the STF critiquing feature to received valuable feedback from the STF community. To us, it doesn’t make sense to allow you to critique your own photo, so we don’t allow it.

How do I critique a photo?

You can critique another STF member’s photo by clicking the ‘Critique’ button on a photo in the grid view, or the green ‘Critique Photo’ button in the large photo popup. Once you are in Critique mode in the large photo popup, you will see the 10 criteria for which you can give a score and […]

Why can’t I see the critiques on my photos?

If another member has give one of your photos a critique, you will be able to see it when you open the photo in the large popup. Basic members can see the overall score from the individual critique, but they are not able to see the details of the critique. Pro and Premium members are […]

How do I delete a critique?

You can delete a critique that you have given to another STF member by heading to Critiques / Given. Click the more button [3 dots] on the photo you have critiqued and select ‘Remove critique’. NB: You cannot remove a critique that someone else has given you, however you can hide your Collective Score and […]